Meeting Luke Martin

Recently Luke Martin, a freelance journalist, and a recent graduate from Medill School of Journalism, visited our journalism class at LAS. He provided us with the basic essential information that one would require to be a journalist. His views we not bias towards or against journalism and his presentation was relaxed yet informative on the subject.

Being a journalist can be a tough field as I’ve come to realize through my encounter with Luke Martin. It requires a lot of work and experience is a bonus; therefore it can be quite a challenge entering the industry. I found it interesting that many journalists actually have a business degree as well as one in journalism; this actually proves to be extremely beneficial especially when writing about Wall Street and etc. Once again only having a degree in Literature might not get you as far as you want to in journalism, it will take you somewhere but minoring in business for example will give you an edge.

Something that sparked my interest was the difference between being a freelance journalist and working for a news agency. Freelancing does have its perks, for example being able to write about anything rather than being assigned to an article. Yet, I’ve concluded that working for a news agency might be the way to go, for you generate a steady income that allows you to have more of a stable lifestyle.

Another interesting aspect I noticed was how one actually gets an interview, Luke specified that you can be relaxed but at the end of the day the individual who is being interviewed shouldn’t come under the impression that you are just friends and that they are in fact being interviewed.  Him being a student allowed him to interview people who might generally not appreciate being interviewed.

We then discussed the difference between Pakistani newspapers and international ones. Luke Martin noticed that Pakistani papers had somewhat of a bias when reporting the news. For example in the recent Raymond Davis case that emerged in Pakistan, Luke Martin noticed how Pakistani papers failed to state that the men following Raymond Davis were in fact armed. Leading to the need for more unbiased opinions in Pakistan.

Journalism is an interesting field with many directions such as photojournalism, making documentaries, or even working for a magazine. It can be extremely exciting and invigorating allowing one to travel to exotic locations and meet a wide scope of people. Yet, it is extremely tough to be a journalist and requires a lot of work.  After listening to Luke Martin I was able to understand journalism to a greater extent. It was extremely interesting and I’m glad to have participated in a discussion with him.

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