Journalism Reflection

What kinds of stories have you written this year?

Which story/achievement are you most proud of?

I would have to say my proudest achievement in journalism was being the editor of the magazine. Designing the entire REMIX magazine proved to be quite a tough challenge yet in the end it was worth it. It showed me what I can do and what I may be able to accomplish in the future.
What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of the course?

Other than designing and being the editor of REMIX I would say the most challenging aspect of the course would be writing the final piece of an article, when you have to combine interviews and figure out to overall direction of the piece.  It may seem easy at first but remaining unbiased is an extremely tough challenge, you cannot add even the tiniest speck of yourself or beliefs in the story.

What could you have done differently and why?

I think I would have interviewed more people for my stories to make it more interesting. In order to attract readers you can’t use only one voice rather a few representing different communities.  For example, the cafeteria piece that I did I felt I could have interviewed a lot more people rather than the cafeteria committee head and students. I could have interviewed parents, teachers, as well as the owners of the cafeteria. I did get two different sides to the story but it did not go as I expected and required a lot of editing.

What have been the most important things that you have learned this year?

I have learned to be more direct and open with people and straightforward. I have also learned a whole new technique and style to writing. Writing like a journalist!

What will you take away from your experiences in Journalism this year?

Skills like interviewing and being able to converse with strangers is something that will help me throughout my life. I have also understood why deadlines are so important! Lastly, being in charge has helped me immensely, being the editor of Remix taught me about the time it takes to compile a magazine as well as being in charge and managing others.



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AP English

1. Of all of the works that we have read and studied this year, which has been your favorite and why?*

Heart of Darkness was my favorite book in AP English this year, the story itself was extremely captivating for I felt it had two different meanings, as Marlow travels within the jungle to finds Kurtz I felt he was also traveling within himself. So to me it was interesting to view his journey within himself and analyze what or who the savage really is. Despite the obvious racism portrayed in the book I felt his overall language as well as the plot was extremely captivating.

2.  Of all of the works that we have read and studied this year, which has been your least favorite and why?

My least favorite would have to be Oedipus, the storyline despite being heavily ironic was quite dull. Knowing the ending of the story beforehand took away from the thrill of finding out what might happen, if Homer wanted to give away the ending the story should have had some twist that sort of shocks the audience.

3.  As a reader, what have you learned from AP English this year?  What do you still need to work on?

This year I learnt that every book has some sort of hidden message behind it, I learnt hoe to annotate a book and how to truly analyze a book.  I have learnt how to recognize various elements like irony as well as certain specific writing styles that some authors are known for. I have also learnt how to analyze poetry and how to annotate poetry where I can find not just the literal meaning but the hidden one as well. I think I still might need to work on my annotations and get even deeper when analyzing a poem.

4.  As a writer, what have you learned from AP English this year?  What do you still need to work on?

As a writer I have learnt how to organize my essays to be clear and precise. I have learnt to organize my ideas in a clear precise manner and to organize my essay in such a way that the reader knows the idea that I am trying to get across. I have also learnt not to over emphasize an idea and stick to the point with a few examples to strengthen what I am trying to say. I would say managing my essay in a given amount of time would have to be my weakness; I still have to learn to work within a given amount of time.

5.  As a student, what have you learned from AP English this year?  What do you still need to work on?  (Here, you can think about such things as academic discipline, participation in class, working together as part of a group, making presentations, etc.)

I have learnt not to waste time in class. Also working in groups can be a virtue as well as a vice, that you have to be clear and precise when organizing certain tasks and sometimes you have to push certain people. I have also learnt that there are different ways to explore books, such as making a poster or a casting assignment. These assignments help one analyze various elements of the characters and setting that you might overlook when reading or discussing in class. It helps you analyze the book to a greater extent. It also provides a change to writing a monotonous essay about the book, letting you think outside of the box.

6.  Technology has been a major part of AP English this year.  How do you think that your computer skills have grown and developed as a result?  What would you still like to learn more about?

My computer skills as well as knowledge have expanded this year; we were introduced to various sites like google docs and diigo. We were required to make our blog; our class assignments were handed in online. This is not only pushing us into the 21st century but also helping us with our future careers where we will be required to posses a certain amount of knowledge about technology. Despite living in a country with frequent power outages and Internet problems we were still able to work with technology, owning a laptop is now a MUST where before it was more of a luxury good. I have learnt to fully appreciate what technology can do and how helpful its become, I believe there still are sites out there that help you organize yourself properly.

7.  What lessons from AP English will you carry forward into the next stage of your academic journey?

I have learnt that you have to participate in order to get your ideas across. I have also learnt that the importance of technology. I have also learnt the importance of coming to class everyday because you really do miss out even by missing a class. Lastly I have learnt that in order to really stand out one has to develop certain uniqueness to them. You have to “think outside the box”; projects should have a certain spark to them and sometimes in order to get that spark you really do have to push yourself.

Meeting Luke Martin

Recently Luke Martin, a freelance journalist, and a recent graduate from Medill School of Journalism, visited our journalism class at LAS. He provided us with the basic essential information that one would require to be a journalist. His views we not bias towards or against journalism and his presentation was relaxed yet informative on the subject.

Being a journalist can be a tough field as I’ve come to realize through my encounter with Luke Martin. It requires a lot of work and experience is a bonus; therefore it can be quite a challenge entering the industry. I found it interesting that many journalists actually have a business degree as well as one in journalism; this actually proves to be extremely beneficial especially when writing about Wall Street and etc. Once again only having a degree in Literature might not get you as far as you want to in journalism, it will take you somewhere but minoring in business for example will give you an edge.

Something that sparked my interest was the difference between being a freelance journalist and working for a news agency. Freelancing does have its perks, for example being able to write about anything rather than being assigned to an article. Yet, I’ve concluded that working for a news agency might be the way to go, for you generate a steady income that allows you to have more of a stable lifestyle.

Another interesting aspect I noticed was how one actually gets an interview, Luke specified that you can be relaxed but at the end of the day the individual who is being interviewed shouldn’t come under the impression that you are just friends and that they are in fact being interviewed.  Him being a student allowed him to interview people who might generally not appreciate being interviewed.

We then discussed the difference between Pakistani newspapers and international ones. Luke Martin noticed that Pakistani papers had somewhat of a bias when reporting the news. For example in the recent Raymond Davis case that emerged in Pakistan, Luke Martin noticed how Pakistani papers failed to state that the men following Raymond Davis were in fact armed. Leading to the need for more unbiased opinions in Pakistan.

Journalism is an interesting field with many directions such as photojournalism, making documentaries, or even working for a magazine. It can be extremely exciting and invigorating allowing one to travel to exotic locations and meet a wide scope of people. Yet, it is extremely tough to be a journalist and requires a lot of work.  After listening to Luke Martin I was able to understand journalism to a greater extent. It was extremely interesting and I’m glad to have participated in a discussion with him.

Luke Martin’s Blog:

It’s Evolution, Baby!

Pearl Jam-  Do the Evolution

( )

I’m ahead, I’m a man
I’m the first mammal to wear pants, yeah
I’m at peace with my lust
I can kill ’cause in God I trust, yeah
It’s evolution, baby

I’m at piece, I’m the man
Buying stocks on the day of the crash
On the loose, I’m a truck
All the rolling hills, I’ll flatten ’em out, yeah
It’s herd behavior, uh huh
It’s evolution, baby

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my son, he’s my clone
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
This land is mine, this land is free
I’ll do what I want but irresponsibly
It’s evolution, baby

I’m a thief, I’m a liar
There’s my church, I sing in the choir:
(hallelujah, hallelujah)

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my son, admire my clones
‘Cause we know, appetite for a nightly feast
Those ignorant Indians got nothin’ on me
Nothin’, why?
Because… it’s evolution, baby!

I am ahead, I am advanced
I am the first mammal to make plans, yeah
I crawled the earth, but now I’m higher
2010, watch it go to fire
It’s evolution, baby
Do the evolution
Come on, come on, come on

This song not only relates to the white supremacy that one can see in the Heart of Darkness but to Kurtz himself. Through the first two parts of Heart of Darkness there is this constant build up to finding Kurtz and meeting this iconic figure that everyone seems to be talking about and in the third final part we finally meet Kurtz. Kurtz turns out to have gone insane and his greed for ivory seems to have consumed him. The lyrics start of with “im ahead, im a man” which does resemble Kurtz and his accomplishment of being that man everyone thinks is going to end up on top. He seems to have collected an immense amount of ivory and everyone is jealous of this very reason. Yet the way he has collected the ivory is not according to the code of ethics and standards that the company has placed.

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my son, he’s my clone
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
This land is mine, this land is free
I’ll do what I want but irresponsibly

Kurtz has become his own man one might say, he does what he wants to do and no one really can stop him.
“don’t mind telling you, he wanted to shoot me, too, one day– but I don’t judge him.’ ‘Shoot you!’ I cried ‘What for?’ ‘Well, I had a small lot of ivory the chief of that village near my house gave me. You see I used to shoot game for them. Well, he wanted it, and wouldn’t hear reason. He declared he would shoot me unless I gave him the ivory and then cleared out of the country, because he could do so, and had a fancy for it, and there was nothing on earth to prevent him killing whom he jolly well pleased. ”
If something gets in his way he will make sure it disappears and doesn’t end up destroying his goal. He was willing to kill his associate because of his greed for ivory. The very same man that nursed him when he was ill. He does not seem to have any sense of responsibility within him and he feels that the area that he is in is his own. He takes ivory from wherever he pleases usually using force and those who rebel him normally end up dead.
“these heads were the heads of rebels. I shocked him excessively by laughing. Rebels! What would be the next definition I was to hear? There had been enemies, criminals, workers–and these were rebels. Those rebellious heads looked very subdued to me on their sticks. ‘You don’t know how such a life tries a man like Kurtz,’ cried Kurtz’s last disciple. ” I can kill ’cause in God I trust, yeah

I’m a thief, I’m a liar
There’s my church, I sing in the choir:

Kurtz has managed to make the surrounding villages practically worship him. Also it relates to his tactics of stealing ivory. How he forcefully takes it from people even his own friend.
Kurtz got the tribe to follow him, did he?’ I suggested. He fidgeted a little. ‘They adored him,’ he said.

Those ignorant Indians got nothin’ on me
Nothin’, why?
Because… it’s evolution, baby!

“The camps of these people surrounded the place, and the chiefs came every day to see him. They would crawl. . . . ‘I don’t want to know anything of the ceremonies used when approaching Mr. Kurtz,”
The surrounding tribes dont realize that Kurtz is only using them for the ivory they worship him as if he is some god like creature. Their leaders crawl on the ground when going to see him. They dont realize that he is just like every other white man in the country, only exploiting them for his own self interests. In this case it was ivory, yet he has managed to charm them.

This land is mine, this land is free
I’ll do what I want but irresponsibly

But the wilderness had found him out early, and had taken on him a terrible vengeance for the fantastic invasion. I think it had whispered to him things about himself which he did not know, things of which he had no conception till he took counsel with this great solitude–and the whisper had proved irresistibly fascinating.
The wilderness seems to affect his overall view on the world. This wilderness he feels is his and whatever in it is his. Therefore justifying all his conquests in the wilderness for ivory.  Also he seems to have spent a long time in the wilderness, in fact most of the time thats where he is. Spending months on his journeys. He really feels that freedom that the wilderness offers in Africa. Yet certain acts that he does in his freedom would be considered irresponsible.

This whole song can relate to Kurtz and what we discover of his character in part 3 of the Heart of Darkness.How freedom seems to have engulfed his whole persona on life and how he exploits the natives of the reason and that greed for ivory has taken over his consciousness. It also relates to the theme of the book in terms of white supremacy and how the whites had exploited the Africans and their resources.

Reliving the Glorious Past…


Street Vendor Shoes!



On the streets of Lahore

We were asked to do a photojournalism project, so our group decided to photograph the colors of Lahore. We chose to go to the old city and photograph our colorful past, full of Mughal architecture with the Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort. We certaintly got that journey back in time and it was amazing to imagine how the Mughal Kings would live in these huge forts! We could actually see those elephants walks through the huge pathways! It was insightful to say the least. It was also interesting to see all the street vendors and their food and products which also added to the whole Color of Lahore theme with their food and traditional pakistani products.Here are some pictures i took on this epic trip!

If you’re interested in photojournalism check out the New York Times Photojournalism… It has photographers from all over the world submitting pictures. It really is something you should check out!

All Pictures are property of Shayan Sadiq and are not allowed for distribution, copying, and/or adaption.

President Obama’s Speech on Education

Listening to Obama’s Speech is an inspiration if you listen to the overall message that Obama wants to convey to the audience.

I like the way he starts off his speech. He starts off with a joke and gets the audiences attention and interest. He relates the audience to his own story about how he had to wake up at 4 in the morning just to get that American education. Yet then the speech begins to drag a little sounding more like a lecture rather a speech. But this only lasts a little while and then his speech begins to pick up again and you can really feel that motivation building up inside of you. When he starts relating his speech to certain kids who managed to make it to colleges like Brown or who were fighting brain cancer since they were 3 years old and who is in college today. Its these stories that inspire you and show you that if they can do it, so can you. Personally, it is inspiring because that is what I what to become successful in life and not just being successful but managing to be successful on my own through my own hard work. Being successful in school is not going to take so much time or effort, just finish your homework and read a little bit and take in interest in school activities.

I also like the way that he really brings you down to reality, that life is not a TV show where you become successful by doing nothing, YOU HAVE TO DO SOME HARD WORK! He also relates hard work and success through people the audience can relate to, J.K Rowling and Micheal Jordan.

His voice was excellent it did not become monotonous or boring and remained very strong and firm throughout and you actually listened to what he was trying to say rather than wander off I your own thoughts.

This year has sort of been a realization year for me, showing me that by being quiet and sitting in the background is not going to get me anywhere and by slowly overcoming that shyness and being a little more active in class in going to make a big difference in how people perceive me. I think I actually forgot that and kind of was lost in this world but I actually feel I am slowly showing people now that I am an important member in this society and I will be heard. His speech sort of inspired me to push further and to work harder because in a way that’s what success is you fail, you fail again, you fail the 10th time, but then you succeed and when you succeed all those times you failed make you even prouder of your success. That this eleventh time I managed to make it! I want to feel that achievement in life and I want to achieve it on my own most importantly, I want to show everyone who I am. Not who my father or grandfather have done but what I have done, so I chose a field that interests me and a field that I feel that I can do extremely well in and be passionate about. So hopefully I can do it! Thank you Mr. Obama for inspiring me and instigating that passion once again!


9/10Quality of ideas – depth; originality; reasoning

Presentation of ideas – clarity; organization; attention device; thesis; appropriate finish; time limit

Quality of English – vividness; variety; grammar


Voice – volume; pace; tone; enunciation; confidence

Physical – poise; eye contact; gestures

Total: 50 marks


All About ME!

My name is Shayan. I was born on November 15 in Lahore, Pakistan.

I am the middle child in my family with an older brother and a younger sister. I have a multicultural background. My mother is half German, half Pakistani and my father is half Danish, half Pakistani. But I quite enjoy having a diverse background; we get to travel around more! I actually spent my summer learning German this summer which was quite nice so sometime in the future I might be able to talk to relatives in German!

I have studied in LAS since nursery and it has become a second home to me. The friendships that I developed throughout the years will stay with me for the years to come.  Its seems strange after so many years of being together that suddenly I will be separated from all my friends. But, thanks to the social networking sites like Facebook, I hopefully will be able to stay in touch with everyone.

Many of the people I know would like to become lawyers, doctors, go into the family business, etc. But I, well I want to go into something a little different, advertising. Somehow, it breathes excitement. Something I feel I will be very passionate about. Even though, it is thought to be quite a difficult profession, survival of the fittest some might say, but I am up to the challenge!

I have developed a love affair with photography. It is something I started a few years back and it just took off from there. I actually managed to take AP photography and got a 4! (Which I am quite proud of considering I started second semester.) I also like swimming and traveling. Much to my surprise, I was the captain of the swim team last year! It turned out to be quite a fun saisa event.

Music is something I just cannot live without.My name is Shayan Sadiq and I am addicted to music. Somehow, the need to crank up the stereo and just enjoy it is in my blood. I developed it from my father who then passed on those music-loving genes onto my brother and me.

Well, I guess this is my first entry! I think blogging could actually turn out to be fun!