Reliving the Glorious Past…


Street Vendor Shoes!



On the streets of Lahore

We were asked to do a photojournalism project, so our group decided to photograph the colors of Lahore. We chose to go to the old city and photograph our colorful past, full of Mughal architecture with the Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort. We certaintly got that journey back in time and it was amazing to imagine how the Mughal Kings would live in these huge forts! We could actually see those elephants walks through the huge pathways! It was insightful to say the least. It was also interesting to see all the street vendors and their food and products which also added to the whole Color of Lahore theme with their food and traditional pakistani products.Here are some pictures i took on this epic trip!

If you’re interested in photojournalism check out the New York Times Photojournalism… It has photographers from all over the world submitting pictures. It really is something you should check out!

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